Warm Greetings!

Heartfelt thanks for your interest in our comfortable and quality school apparel, as well as the A+ Family.  Since 1893 (which our roots date back to), we have maintained successful partnerships with our valued customers, suppliers, customer-centric staff and global community. 

With the launch of this new website we offer a trustworthy and inspiring experience for you to learn about our school lines as well as our value-added services.  We have a super-friendly, knowledgeable and experienced staff, and we hope you reach out directly for any of your school uniform program needs.

A world of thanks for considering A+ in your business plans.  We are excited and happy about a future together. 

For the love of working together in pursuit of wonderful things,

Vince Knoss
Co-Owner, A+ Brand Ambassador


Our Story

And So the story goes...

A+ School Apparel is a privately held business whose roots date all the way back to 1893. We quickly became one of the leading apparel manufacturers, conquering the American school uniform market with superior quality, outstanding service, consistency and in-depth inventory. “Our vision is to provide unsurpassed quality, service and value to our customers at competitive prices.”

A+ continually strives to develop, implement and enhance our technologies and infrastructure pursuant to the needs of our customers and the end-users. Whether it’s our state-of-the-art operating systems and business-to-business (B2B) information technologies, to friendly and knowledgeable A+ representatives, to helpful drop-ship offerings, to the most comfortable, durable and fashionable products, we’ve got it.

A+ is more than just a name; it’s a promise we take seriously.  A+ School Apparel, headquartered in Burlingame, California with manufacturing and distribution in Star City, Arkansas, keeps the workplace looking good and feeling great. A+ is a one-stop-shop for school, career, postal and custom uniforms. We maintain our lead as the premier manufacturer because of our attention to detail and unwavering customer support. The A+ people, along with the love and care we build into every single product and partnership, is why A+ is simply the best.



For the love of humanity

For over 45 years A+ School Apparel has been building stronger communities nationwide.  Not only do we participate in philanthropic and volunteer events and organizations, we encourage our employees to do the same. Additional time, money and energy is directed to smaller and larger non-profit organizations.  We are honored and happy to contribute.  We also have a deep love for our global community of peers and partners, and we actively contribute to many worthwhile causes including No Kid Hungry, various cancer, heart, special needs and veteran organizations, environmental and wildlife agencies, and SPCA. Just to name a few.    


Corporate Responsibility

Our pledge to our customers

Working Conditions - Code of Conduct

We’re fiercely loyal. That’s why we will not give up our U.S.-based manufacturing and fulfillment facility in Star City, Arkansas. While others may only be driven by bottom-line profits, we continue to invest in American jobs and the American economy. We love people, and our 200+ domestic employees are an integral part of the A+ Family. Domestic production provides us with a competitive advantage when it comes to customization and the ability to quickly fill products and inventories. Our social responsibility to the working conditions of our employees, whether in the U.S. or off-shore, never wavers. We are concerned about human dignity and have gone to great lengths to promote the well-being of our workers, worldwide.


 While factories throughout the world operate in different legal and cultural environments, our Working Conditions/Code of Conduct Policy sets forth the requirements that all factories must meet, as a condition of doing business with us. A+ School Apparel will not support anything that compromises this Policy by infringing upon the human rights of any individual.

Going Green

At A+, we care deeply about the environment and make conscious efforts to be earth friendly.  In our offices and manufacturing facilities we are diligent about our footprint.

  •  A+ takes the necessary precautions to minimize waste.
  •  A+ recycles and uses recycled materials wherever possible.
  •  A+ does not use toxic substances on our products that are harmful to people or the environment.
  •  A+ uses energy-saving electrical fixtures in our factories and corporate offices.
  •  A+ strives to become an eco-friendly company wherever possible because we love our world.

Domestic Working Conditions

Our main factory in Star City, Arkansas employs hundreds of people year-round. It is fully air-conditioned, highly automated, and employees work regular 8-hour shifts. A+ School Apparel provides a full range of health benefits to our employees and their families, including medical and dental coverage, life and short-term disability insurance, and a 401K plan with employer contributions. Employees also enjoy a liberal vacation and family leave policy. All of these are reasons why we have many dedicated and loyal employees who have already been with the company for decades.

Off-Shore Code of Conduct

In regards to our off-shore production facilities, A+ School Apparel requires that our locations must operate in full compliance with the laws of their respective countries and with all other applicable laws, rules and regulations. Additionally, our company complies with all labor, worker health, safety and environmental laws in each of our locations; does not discriminate based on characteristics, beliefs, race, gender, nationality, religion, age, maternity or marital status; employs only workers that meet the applicable minimum legal age requirement; pays at least the minimum legal wage or the local industry standard, whichever is greater; and treats all their workers with dignity and respect in a safe and healthy environment.



Product Safety and Guarantee

A+ School Apparel products are manufactured with the wearer in mind. Our garments are designed for the easiest care and constructed with maximum durability and comfort. We are so sure of our quality that we offer our exclusive Wear-Tested™ Guarantee. If any garment does not stand up to one year of normal wear, we’ll replace it. It’s that simple.

A+ School Apparel takes product safety laws and compliance measures into great consideration when purchasing fabric, yarn, thread and any other raw material used in our goods. When a new product is adopted that utilizes a new fabric, we require a letter of certification that confirms the product meets all appropriate Consumer Safety Laws and Regulations. All current A+ products are certified by the U.S. Government’s Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) requirements for apparel, which also includes flammability.




A+ does not sell, share or distribute your contact information. We care about your privacy.