A+ School Apparel’s product management system combines the most up-to-date forecasting and planning software. We work with you by understanding your requirements in order to insure that your products are available when needed. We also establish raw materials and inventory needs based on historical and future needs.

Manufacturing & Distribution

A+ School Apparel is proud that we maintain a domestic manufacturing and fulfillment facility that is centrally-located in Star City, Arkansas. Our facilities include a 90,000 square foot manufacturing plant, with 130,000 square feet of warehouse space. Sweaters, skirts, skorts, jumpers, knit shirts, pants and shorts are manufactured here by several hundred employees.

“One of the biggest advantages to maintaining a domestic manufacturing facility is the ability to quickly fill-in product inventory if needed.”

We also understand cost realities of the market, so A+ School Apparel owns production in the Dominican Republic and Mexico, where we manufacture woven and knit shirts, sweaters, pants and shorts. Additionally, A+ School Apparel has the expertise and ability to source a wide range of products worldwide.

A+ School Apparel maintains rigid quality standards in our domestic manufacturing facility as well as our off-shore sites. Our Quality Control team is lead by our full-time Quality Control Manager that reports directly to the Vice President of Manufacturing. A+ School Apparel Quality Control teams are on-site both domestically, as well as at our off-shore locations.

All A+ School Apparel products are manufactured with the end-user in mind. Strict quality policies are observed. This includes fabric inspections upon receipt, cutting room and in-process sewing inspections, post audits and extensive in-house laboratory testing of raw materials.

We use the finest raw materials, providing the durability and comfort that you and/or your customers require.