Aurora Alvarez - Western Division

Aurora was raised in San Francisco and to this day loves the Bay area.  She began her career at A+ School Apparel as a friendly receptionist, 38 years ago.  A+ learned quickly of Aurora’s diligent work ethic and ability to work with people so the company promoted her to production where she tasked all fabrication cuts.  When A+ moved production from San Francisco to Arkansas, Aurora decided to stay put and was easily transferred into customer service and inside sales.  Aurora’s genuine, kind communication style ensured a smooth sales process where Aurora found resolutions for customer needs.

Relating to people is Aurora’s strength and A+ found the need to move Aurora again, this time to Outside Sales where she was assigned the West Coast territory along with Latin America.  Her Spanish fluency has been an important contribution to the A+ business and community.  Always humble, Aurora’s pride and joy comes in holding close relationships with her customer base, solving problems and providing top notch service.  Service that Aurora takes to heart. 

Outside of work Aurora enjoys traveling near or abroad.  As a grandmother to 7, her time is dedicated to watching them grow and spending time with all her family.