#1 Premium School Uniform Supplier

We’re authentic. That’s because we specialize in school uniforms. We offer a complete and comprehensive line, not just a few popular sellers. Our ever-growing family of satisfied retailers, schools and parents appreciate and trust our dedicated and thoughtful commitment. Simply put, we did not become the industry leader by taking short cuts. You can expect the same high-quality construction and color consistency time after time, and value-added details such as extra stitching and reinforcement where it counts. That’s why we are the only high-end supplier with a Wear-Tested™ guarantee. Our considerable investment in quality control ensures A+ garments provide safe, comfortable, long-lasting, worry-free performance.

The True School Uniform Experts

We’re passionate. You won’t find a more helpful and responsive team of professionals. We’re not part of a big conglomerate dabbling in the business, so we are totally focused on your uniform needs. Our knowledgeable sales force has double-digit years in the business and front line experience on the sales floor, so they relate to your challenges. And our well-informed in-house Customer Service reps are determined problem solvers. Though we strive for perfection, we understand it’s not a perfect world. If you have a problem, we listen and take action. From design to delivery, our industry insight gets to the root of your concerns quickly. Our expert, one-on-one personal assistance is designed to foster a simple, stress-free customer experience.

World-Class Retail Support Services

We’ve got your back. For 40 years we’ve been building the ultimate school uniform company. We’re driven to be fast, accurate, efficient and dependable. Our expansive array of retail support services is second to none. From quality control to customer service, we’ve invested in behind the scenes systems that make your life easier and your business more profitable. Our fine-tuned infrastructure ensures you receive on-time deliveries and super-fast in-season reorders. We offer ultra-fast embroidery turnaround, a hard-working safe and secure B2B site, open orders, customized shipping options, merchandising support and more customer service reps than any other high-end supplier. We even have the best shipping box in the business. With School Apparel, it’s all about the details.

Made in USA Manufacturing Component

We’re fiercely loyal. That’s why we will not give up our U.S.-based manufacturing and fulfillment facility in Star City, Arkansas. While others may only be driven by bottom-line profits, we continue to invest in American jobs and the American economy. Our 160+ domestic employees are an integral part of the A+ School Apparel family. Domestic production provides us with a competitive advantage when it comes to customization and the ability to quickly fill inventories. We understand the practical reality of price competition, so we also utilize off-shore manufacturing resources. Our social responsibility to the working conditions of our employees, whether in the U.S. or off-shore, never wavers. We love customer visits and welcome the opportunity to show you why we are so proud of our American work force and factory.