A+ CSR Bunch


As the head of Customer Service here at A+ School Apparel, I couldn't be more proud of our extremely experienced and skilled CSR team. If you will, this is our "Brady Bunch" team, genuinely comparable and super fun! Our team grows closer every day, working through problems, finding solutions, communicating kindly and effectively, and above all, strengthening our organization. This is the best A+ Family.  Please enjoy the stories of each of our representatives.

-Dwight Burr


Angela Bright

Angela Bright was born and raised in Mississippi, a true southerner at heart.  She attended college to become a high school math teacher but soon realized education was not quite where she wanted to end up in her career. She became a data specialist and worked in various data entry roles which she thoroughly enjoyed.  After some time, Angela realized she loved working closely with people so she joined the A+ customer service team.  Angela’s thoughtful disposition and organized mind provide the team, and especially her customers, a fun and task-oriented experience.  Building trusting relationships and enjoying her customers makes for a great job, according to Angela.

Angela has a son off to college and a freshman daughter still in the nest.  Time with her kids is the ultimate, but 3 dogs and 2 cats round out the family home.  With the help of a kind father-in-law (Angela is widowed) and a lot of YouTube, she has slowly been remodeling her home.  She loves work: house, yard, and raising kids.  If there is a down moment, Angela tunes up her remodeling ideas by watching HGTV or picking up a good book.


Jackie Gray

From early on, Jackie Gray developed an incredible and real love of people and conversation.  If you’ve been the lucky recipient on the opposite end of her phone line, you fully understand wonderful communication.  Jackie began working in dual roles as the Lab Tech and Engineering Tech working on fabric approvals, performing quality analysis, and assisting LeadTech System maintenance.  She was recently given the opportunity and accepted a transfer to the Customer Service department and it’s been a great fit ever since.  Her fun, positive attitude lends to making the department an even more enjoyable environment.

Jackie started her career in law enforcement and after 5 years went to work for the city as a Clerk.  She elevated to City Manager and stayed in that role for 7 years.  No matter the industry, customer service is the key, helping people, solving problems, and maintaining cooperative and kind communication.

Married to her best friend for 24 years, they raised 3 children and are proud grandparents to 6 wonderful grandchildren.  Almost every weekend, Jackie takes to the road exploring the state of Arkansas, enjoying nature, hiking, kayaking, and any new discoveries.  Jackie is also undertaking a new love with the writing of her first book, “When Women Rule the World”.


Lee Ann Taylor

A self-proclaimed “country girl”, Lee Ann Taylor was born and raised in a small southeastern Arkansas town.  For over a dozen years, Lee Ann has graced A+ with kind exchange and an ability to multi-task and go to bat for her customers.  She loves the back and forth dialogue and completing tasks for our distributors.  Being a senior in the department, she’s loaded with lots of A+ knowledge and experience.  Lee Ann considers it a joy to build a relationship and help a customer grow their business.  Gratitude for life and all its blessings shines anew each and every day for her.

That same gratitude fills up her life outside of work as she’s been known to just kick back and silently enjoy all of God’s creations, particularly her “kids”: 1 German shepherd, 1 husky, 1 poodle, and 1 cat.  At home, you can find her digging and planting in the flower and vegetable gardens.  Her love of the outdoors introduces a variety of recreational opportunities in the outdoors she holds dear to her heart.  Some of the nature activities Lee Ann enjoys are camping, hiking, and floating the Buffalo River.


Nanette Bertram

Nanette Bertram celebrated 41 years with A+ on December 18th which is why she is one of the most knowledgeable staff members in our company.  Her dedication to the company, its people, growth, and initiatives have been a career-long intent and love.  A+ is blessed to have Nan around and her chipper and willing attitude are second to none.

Born and raised in Pacifica, CA, Nan loves hiking the beautiful trails which overlook the vast pacific coast and ocean, a place of serenity for Nan.  Other interests include throwing down strikes for the Seaside Rollers bowling team and rolling the dice with 11 close friends at the bunco tables for 29 years.  Nan is an active and dedicated volunteer in the Moose Lodge of Pacifica, a charter organization that raises money through fundraisers, dinners, etc. to provide room, board, and education for needy children.  Nan’s greatest pride and joy, however, lies in watching her two beautiful daughters raise two wonderful and energetic grandchildren whom she completely adores.


Rebecca Walden

One can gain a quick understanding of Rebecca Walden when you read her quote, “I’ve been with A+ for just over a year and I couldn’t be happier with the work I get to do and the awesome people that I have the privilege of working with!”.  Pretty much sums up her attitude, her resolve, her positive energy, and cooperative nature.  Rebecca takes on a number of responsibilities within the department as RGA Administrator managing all claims and returns as well as facilitating and maintaining pricing for all accounts.  She has come to be known as “The Pricing Princess”.

Rebecca originates from South Arkansas, but now lives and works remotely from Springfield, MO.  She is a mother to 3 amazing kiddos, an aspiring 17yr old welder, a singing and dancing 11yr old, and a feisty 5yr old.

In her free time, Rebecca enjoys any time with family. Her most treasured hobby, she’ll pull out the camera for some photoshoots with family, friends, and nature, all of which are only enhanced by her graphic design skills.  She loves fishing and camping, as well as crafts, painting, and sewing.


Rose Chavez

Even though Rose was born and raised in San Mateo, CA (near San Francisco), she spent most of her young adult life living in Mexico where she embraced the Mexican culture and became an expert in the Spanish language.  Rose studied Early Childhood Development and Teaching English as a Second Language and embarked on a career working with young children and their Spanish/English development.  To this day, she enjoys young children and families and has a special place in her heart for those working to learn a new language.

In 2019, Rose decided to switch things up a bit and delve into the customer service world, joining A+ as a rep.  As is common knowledge, if one can work with young kids, one can do anything.  And, Rose does.  She’s been a wonderful addition to the team with her “I got this” and winning attitude as well her skills at communication and follow-up.  Her customers love her and she’s more than energetic to contribute.  When not working, you’ll find her lurking through thrift shops looking for treasures as “Fashion” is her middle name.  And, when not doing that you might find her out on a paddleboard or adventuring on her bike.


Sherri Woods

Sherri joined the A+ forces a year ago, after a long stint as a Senior Advisor for the Family Readiness Group, a military command-sponsored unit of family members, volunteers, and soldiers that together provide mutual support and assistance, as well as a communication network that benefits all its members.  Married to a military man for 30 years, and having lived in numerous locations, Sherri fully understands the complexities and challenges our military families face today.  A+ is proud to have Sherri on our Customer Service Team.  Sherri brought her positive attitude, fun-loving sense of humor, and team spirit, all of which strengthen Customer Service team. Her heart and dedication to others stand out in her day to day work at A+. Sherri loves her job and that’s evident.

Even though Germany was Sherri’s favorite place to live in her military days, today Sherri has returned to live closer to her family in her place of birth, White Hall, AR, a 30-minute commute to the factory. She has 2 grown children and became a new proud grandmother to a beautiful little girl.  Sherri loves to read, cook, and spending any time she can with kids and new granddaughter.  Sherri enjoys being creative, and she’ll whip out a craft or fix something on her sewing machine in a moment’s notice. A woman of many talents.


Teresa Bostian

In March of 2005, Teresa Bostian joined A+ School Apparel and the team developing the plaid line.  After 2 years of contributions, A+ management decided that Customer Service would benefit from Teresa’s organizational and communication skills.  Prior to joining A+, Teresa worked for a chemical distributor in Monticello, Arkansas for 19 years, in varying roles, but most all the time solved problems both within the company and for customers in need.  To this day, she practices some of those same problem-solving skills at A+, becoming an effective and kind customer service rep, helping both the customer and our Sales Directors.  And, she loves what she does.

Born in Bossier City, Louisiana, one of 3 girls and 2 boys, Teresa understands family firsthand.  Married for 39 years, she and her husband raised 2 sons and their family has grown with 4 grandchildren, 2 boys and 2 girls.  Along with anything “grandkid-centered”, Teresa enjoys quiet reading and camping in the outdoors.  In her spare time, she actively and proudly participates in her Methodist church community.